Susanna Vagt
Greased it up and raised the seat, tightened the handle bars, puffed the tires. Remedial tidying, just enough to show the bike store people that I care. don't fleece me please; I really care. I know things, too. Lefty loosey righty tighty. Just as I would brush my teeth before visiting a dentist: don't be too hard on me please, I'm doing my best. My bike is stuck in 2nd gear, is it gummed or disjointed or just broken?

like spinning a spinning wheel
I drip drip drip
greased chain
I spin a spool of smooth rides

smooth no squeaks
cold ride

by the end of smooth cold ride my nose is running
drip drip drip
wet drips
God made me better than a bike
he spun me as spool ready for all rides