I have a few favorite running routes around Wheaton I always return to. On visits home I pick one and sink into it like a wheel in a comfy rut. As I pass familiar turns and landmarks, memories ignite of what I was mulling over when I ran that same spot nine years ago, six years ago, last year. With each run I open and add to the time capsule.

I don't tend to discuss routes, but today my dad asked me where I liked to run. I told him I'd just come from Lawson Field, which made him smile.
"I used to run laps around Lawson Field when I was in college."
"That's what I was just doing!"
"I'd always run four."
"I always run four!"

So these pleasing ruts run even deeper than I thought. Now when I see one of my favorite memory-igniters, the old, tall birch tree in Lawson Field, I enjoy the thought that it has accompanied both me and my dad in our mullings, on many occasions, always four glimpses at a time.