as magic as temple marigolds

One second, emotions swirl in my mind, ethereal, less physical than vapor, and the next second, they condense enough to join the physical world, tumbling out of my eyes. How marvelous! It's the velveteen rabbit becoming real. Or an appearance of the tooth fairy!

I can't (won't) understand why this happens, so I turned to some whats. What sort of a thing in my own mind induces my emotions to leak out my eyes? There are many obvious ones. And then there are the these ones.

Is it so silly? That holding these odd little memories in my mind can actually guarantee a tear? I don't think so. Here is what I think.

Food is so holy, so pathetic, so lifey. The food experience describes life to me with the same succinctness as a tear expresses emotions. Some food scenes are especially well said, but the bare premise of any person eating in front of me makes tangible the vulnerability of wanting to stay alive. That vulnerability deepens when the eating is strained, I think, and widens when it is for another person. In all the memories above, the people strained for food on my behalf. In these memories I hear the other saying "I take on your little life, I put your life inside my own little life." This may seem a far stretch, the meals were insignificant by physical assessment, but aren't we all insignificant moments who can love and be loved beyond our own depth? To eat food on someone else's behalf might even say, "I live to love you."

(As for the last example, it's different, but I think it's made of the same stuff. The cafeteria person is changing who they are, their plan, for our joy. They want to give us a finite joy, publicly, even though they don't know how to properly format a sign.)

There are many ways to be deeply touched by the poignancy of humanity, and food embodies it remarkably well. So well that tears materialize.

If emotions can materialize into tears, I would expect that ideas, too, condensing in the mind, should sprout from our temples like marigolds. It would be no less incredible.