You know that fun kid trick where you press your wrist against a door frame for thirty seconds and when you step away, your arm forgets about gravity and floats upward? My mind floated up and up, exactly like that, listening to this conversation between Pete Holmes and Richard Rohr.

I won't try to summarize the buoyancy, because the whole thing is so enjoyable. But I will say that my favorite moments of the discussion were 1) that categorizing feels really really good and 2) so does oppositional thinking, both of which give the ego a false sense of security, 3) the story of Jesus' death doesn't end with a call to redemptive violence and is therefore a historical/literary phenomenon, and 4) Rohr's declaration "literalism is the lowest form of meaning, the least fruitful interpretation of the moment."

I will always see through a glass darkly, and hear through it darkly and taste through it darkly. This is one of those things that, despite glass darklies, makes me almost certain of great lightness.