To wear any of her clothes is to step into a memory of her.

God gave my grandmother a talent for wearing beautiful things. In turn, she wanted all of her daughters and granddaughters to inherit this gift ("always look cute smart and pretty!"), but nice things have always been more bewildering than enjoyable to me. How does a person even find these "pieces"? And when should that person wear (or not wear) them? No surprise, the best clothes I own were once hers. I have her cashmere sweater, like six silk "shells," and a dress from Saks*. But the ones I love best are the smaller, less daunting, pieces: a headband, a pair of pompom socks, a lace slip, a bra**, her wallet. When I wear them (or carry the wallet) I am suddenly a person who loves beautiful things and she is suddenly not gone from this world.

* i am not lying!
** STILL not lying!