Let me tell you about an egg planet.
Part I of III

It is a delicate shell and golden yolk and silky whites, all at once. It orbits the sun like we do, and any astronaut passerby cam see every part of the giant egg, whole, without the planet breaking. It seems like impossible nonsense but it's just different from how we know eggs. The people who live on this planet eat eggs as strange as their land, never cracking them first. They also eat avocados without cutting them and at birthday parties piƱatas explode candy without being hit by a stick. Yesterday one boy found his toy train he had never lost, and when he did he whooped and hollered more than any person has ever rejoiced at finding anything. Everyday doctors help people who have never been ill or broken a bone or sneezed. Even without a threat of bad news or a single germ, these patients leap with joy that they are well. People in cars call to people in other cars without first disagreeing at an intersection, and friends lean on friends without knowing struggle or sadness. Every person shuts his eyes and breathes thanks for the life of any person he passes on the sidewalk. It's as if he's just seen a narrow escape, and this planet needs no escapes, wide or narrow. The way these egg folk live may sound unreasonable. It is different from how we do things.

to be continued