When you have a pen in your hand and a paper below it, what little drawings spill out? I'm recently really into believing that your doodles are tied DEEPLY to your thoughts and the way you think them! I don't know what it means if those doodles default to triangle honeycombs or eyes with flashy lashes or your own flashy signature but I do agree with you that that all habits deserve to be defied every so often.

I started forcing my hand to disobey its own doodling tendencies, doodle unit by doodle unit. (How much of a pen stroke is a doodle unit?) When habit told me to put the pen down here, I put the pen down there, when it said draw up, I drew down, when it said make a flowy line, I made a dot, and when it said go fast, I went slow. It turns out there are a zillion levels of decision-making in a single doodle, even/especially a stream of consciousness one. And maybe it's because I was trying to do the opposite of instinct at every beat, but a lot more self-consciousness goes into into the outcome of a doodle than I'd hoped. Hopefully the fact that uprooting doodles was so uncomfortable indicates my very thoughts being freed from my thought ruts.

So, here we are. The result isn't a dancing person, which is what I would ordinarily draw. But is it the opposite of a dancing person?