"He had never been able to pray by a rule like the others, and after the required time of meditation he would not have been able to say what it was about.

His solution to this difficulty was a simple one: he developed the habit of continual conversation with God. Whether at prayer or at work, it became his practice to focus his heart and mind on God, thanking Him, praising Him, and asking for His grace to do whatever had to be done. And if he allowed himself to forget God, he confessed that to Him, drawing his thoughts back to God, like wayward children.

He was assigned to work in the monastery kitchen. Far from loving the kitchen, he had a natural aversion to it. But since he had determined to do everything for the love of God, he went prayerfully to his tasks and for some fifteen years found great ease in doing them.

'I came to the monastic life only for the love of God, I have tried to act only for Him. Whether I am damned or saved, I want to always continue to act purely for the love of God; I will at least have had this merit, that throughout my life I will have done everything in power to love Him.' —Brother Lawrence"

from the Practice of the Presence of God