i started this drawing yesterday, i wanted to make a drawing of the quietest peace. it still is that drawing, but only underneath what I drew today, which is the only visible part now, which looks more like despair.

it is mostly impossible to look at what the world drew today and see a God who is making all things new. tonight's top layer, the most visible layer, is the fresh tragedy of 26 ended lives.

i am hesitant to say the following, especially tonight, but advent is many layers. even within one person's memory is a lifetime of christmases, additional layers show up in the mind each december. some of these layers are joy-filled, but not all of them, and some are as devastating as today's massacre. two days ago in her blog tara edelschick mentioned a particular layer of advent, the longing for everything to be made right. i would never insist that anyone believe this, but one option for tonight is to live whatever is the most recent layer in this Hope, that a savior is come.