m  e  m  o  r  y
  but it will never loop endlessly in our minds

But we'll live with that
And for now we'll take time to assemble a framework as best we can,
setting straight the details, solidifying all the neural code we can agree on
because we'd rather revisit something later in fantastical iterations than lose it completely.

That one day we took that train ride in September, no it was November (the corduroy—remember?) and you were there and you were there, and what had happened the night before, when you forgave me and I cried, and what had you brought in that bag you held shut with a safety pin, or was it a binder clip?

We rehearse those details today, October 8 2011, and tomorrow nostalgia will bloom and fact will recede, and I'll play 10,000 more versions in my lifetime.


partial image credit to Eadweard Muybridge's The Horse in Motion, the first motion picture ever !

They say that every time you remember,
you don't recreate, you create;
each time you remember it's an act of your imagination,
every thought you revisit is done so in light of today,
and never is there a memory for all time.
The true original was lived and is gone
and each rememberance is less true, less honest.