"God! You are everywhere! Are you inside this piece of dust? Or is this piece of dust inside you? I DO NOT KNOW WHERE I CAME FROM!! I must've been small once, a baby like? ok ok now creep quietly into my BRAIN, God, and shout "I AM YOUR SALVATION" and do it like 8 times an hour? And maybe in a sort of soft yell? I know you can do this, God, because YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! And could you go back in time and make me praise you when I was really small? I must've been a real mess then! Even more than now! Musta been. I don't have any photos from then—it's only the year 397 afterall. But I musta been small. It makes sense and the womenfolk say so. It must be true. Praise GOD."

—A tight paraphrase of St. Augustine in his Confessions